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Areas of Expertise

Perfectly aligned with the priorities of the federal government, Alpha Property Management holds itself to the highest of standards for the preservation of the affordable housing properties in its portfolio, as well as those properties that it manages for others.  In connection with 21st Century Construction, LLC, Alpha has a long history of managing rehabilitation projects of affordable housing from start to finish, including such processes as:

  • Physical Needs Assessment
  • Project Planning & Scope Development
  • Bid Solicitation & Processing
  • Tenant In-Place Rehabilitation
  • General Construction
  • Construction Oversight
  • Progress Reporting
  • Warranty Enforcement
  • Draw & Pay Processing & Accounting
  • Punch List Creation & Management
  • Subcontractor Oversight & Management
  • Permit Process Management

General Contractor Services

In many cases, 21st Century Construction, LLC, performs the role of general contractor through the offices of Scott Mason, who is both a licensed general contractor and a principal of 21st Century Construction, LLC.  Mr. Mason brings over two decades of construction experience to the Alpha team, with a strong emphasis on "in-place" rehabilitation of affordable multi-family housing.  Within the past ten years, Mr. Mason has completed over $100 million of rehabilitation work as the general contractor on the following projects:

Woodside Gardens*
Lester Morton Apartments
Clay Courts Apartments
Poppleton Place Apartments
Freeman Villa Apartments**
Warwick Terrace
Sunflower Apartments*
Parkchester Apartments*
Woodland Village

144 units
70 units
144 units
123 units
41 units
108 units
125 units
94 units
405 units

Lexington Apartments
Leeward Apartments
Windward Apartments
LA 78 Apartments*
Witmer Manor
Concord Apartments
Corning Village
Fair Oaks Apartments

251 units
257 units
234 units
78 units
239 units
232 units
148 units
100 units

    * No longer owned or managed    ** A Senior Living Facility

Construction Oversight

In addition, 21st Century Construction, LLC, has provided construction oversight on the following rehabilitation projects:

Pine Ridge Apartments
Santa Maria Apartments
Hatillo Apartments

57 units
86 units
64 units

Miramar Villa
Montblanc Gardens

96 units
128 units